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best coding apps for iphone :

best coding apps for iphone : In keeping with the tremendous technological development we are witnessing a large spread in the number of users of smartphones worldwide, which has led to increased demand and the high need for programmers and specialists in applications of smart iPhone devices that run on the ios operating system, which is the favorite of a large number of users, especially after many saw the emergence of a large number of applications used by the small before the big in everyday life.  

What to do to start learning ios programming:

First: Learn the ios-approved programming language, Swift:

iOs smart iPhone application programming is primarily based on learning swift approved programming language and this is the most important step for anyone who wants to learn iOs application programming.   Here we offer the beginner one of the special courses in learning swift language, since it begins with trainees from scratch by explaining the basics of programming for iPhones in a fully simplified way in Arabic to introduce users to the programming language used and understand everything about it.   Swift programming language learning link in Arabic:

Second: Learn ios API requirements

1. In this step, it is very important to provide a mac:

the so-called Mac system so that you can program iOS devices and applications.  

2. Download X-Code:

You have to make another plan so you can download the software, which is to register a private developer account in you on apple through which you can download the X-Code program or application used to write orders issued by Swift language allowing you to create your final app but does not allow you to upload the app to the Apple Store unless you upgrade your account to a paid developer account which allows you to raise your app on the Apple Store and market.   Learning programming is not as difficult as some imagine, but needs to practice and search continuously on YouTube and sites that provide the best free training courses that allow you to learn programming from scratch to professionalism and help you create and develop your application by following simplified and easy-to-understand steps for beginners and you can also join paid courses and here we mention one of the sites that provide paid programming courses site:
  In the end, remember that education needs patience, practice and continuous research so that you can understand the whole world of programming so that you can get into the field strongly and create and program applications or work for companies and make money.  

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