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creative what is digital marketing :

creative what is digital marketing ? Recently a lot of concepts have spread that may make many people confused, so we begin to explain the differences between the concept of e-marketing on the one hand and the concept of e-commerce on the other. And because e-commerce is not the topic of our conversation, we will move to its definition quickly to clarify the difference only, as e-commerce is a large-scale electronic world with many disciplines that include e-commerce, e-marketing, e-government, e-education and many others, which means that e-marketing is part of these Specializations covered by this electronic world.   Also, electronic business systems contain complex computerized systems whose main function is to help carry out the internal and external activities of the company. With regard to e-commerce, it is technically considered part of e-business, according to which all commercial transactions take place over the Internet, so e-marketing is considered a part of this e-business and e-commerce, as it allows companies to access global markets to market their various products and services.   Turning to the subject of e-marketing, the term appeared recently in light of the rapid technological development, the communications revolution, and the emergence of modern communication tools, and it is currently considered one of the most important and prosperous sectors in the world of technology business, but has become one of the important foundations on which every owner of a company or A product that wants to market its services in order to achieve more sales and reach the largest possible number of customers, and to improve the performance of its work in the event of gaps that result based on the reactions of the target or interacting customers.   At the present time, according to the estimates of marketing experts, we find that all companies, institutions, organizations and independents need e-marketing to enhance their business activity and increase the percentage of sales of their products, as well as deliver carefully studied messages based on integrated marketing strategies through the use of all possible tools that achieve their goals that they set within a tight plan.   We may find many people differ greatly in defining exactly a particular concept of e-marketing; Some believe that e-marketing is about creating accounts on social networking sites for the company to market products through, and others believe that just having an account or a website for a company marketing its services through it is enough to reach your target audience.  

What is the concept of e-marketing specifically?

There are many names for e-marketing, but as a comprehensive concept it is an attempt to reach the target customer to deliver a marketing message to him through many electronic means, such as the Internet, digital marketing, television, computers, smart devices and other electronic means as well as through social networks and electronic pages different.   It relies on e-marketing to follow marketing strategies through the use of various electronic means that achieve customer goals via the Internet. It is fully concerned with marketing in business operations, and its importance lies in helping employers attract new customers, serve existing customers as well, and promote companies’ goods and services in order to achieve their goals and increase their profits.      

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