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email marketing free certification :

email marketing free certification : Recently, digital technology has developed greatly, and this has benefited many of us in all aspects of life, which made it easier for us to obtain the information we need faster and may not exceed a few minutes thanks to the Internet, and best of all, it gave us the opportunity to learn new skills that provide us With experience and efficiency that helps us in practical and scientific life.
With this tremendous technological development and the emergence of many channels of communication, communication and marketing channels, the need of business owners and companies has increased for competent people with professional marketing skills and abilities that will lead their commercial projects to achieve the greatest spread and the highest success in the world of electronic business.   As it is known at the present time and after the spread of the Corona pandemic, e-marketing is on the throne of one of the main tasks of any project, because of its tangible importance in promoting products and services and helping business owners to reach their goals and build effective marketing strategies through the use of modern technological tools that are used To transform the electronic world into a tangible market that achieves great results, and also allows them to reach their target customers in modern technological ways by sending emails or through social networking sites and search engines, and this is what drew the attention of many people to learning the basics of e-marketing and delving into the world of modern technology in order to continue their digital projects or in order to learn skills and experiences that qualify them to work in e-marketing. The same if you are a beginner or an expert, you definitely need to keep up with technology and digital channels through continuous learning and development of your knowledge to reach the mysteries of e-marketing and know the most effective e-marketing methods for this reason, in this article, we will explain to you the best e-marketing courses that you can start directly online and for free:

Learn about the best e-marketing courses offered online for free:

First: The digital marketing basics course offered by Google:

It is one of the approved and preferred training courses for many because it is specially provided by the giant company Google. In this course, you will learn the most important basics of e-marketing by certified and qualified trainers from Google. This course consists of more than 24 educational units, practical exercises and realistic work models It helps trainees acquire effective marketing skills and translate them into reality. At the end of the course, the trainee is awarded an internationally recognized electronic marketing certificate. To join the course, visit the following link:

Second: The e-marketing course offered by the American University of Illinois and Coursera:

The Coursera website is widely known on the Internet as one of the best educational websites in giving e-marketing courses in cooperation with the University of Illinois, USA. Optimizing search engines through Google, in addition to gaining trainees many new marketing foundations, various concepts, and tools that help them create digital services and products, and how to market and price them as well. To join the course, visit the following link:

Third: The internal marketing course provided by HubSpot:

It is a very advanced and enjoyable training course for everyone interested in e-marketing, thanks to its help for many to master internal marketing. It allows trainees to learn new strategies in keyword research and how to market through e-marketing channels and various social media. At the end of the course, the trainee is given a free certificate. To enroll in the course, visit the following link:  

Fourth: The E-Marketing Strategies Course offered by the University of Edinburgh, UK:

This course has been specifically designed to provide trainees with e-marketing skills that help them in various fields of work. Trainees will learn through it how to use modern digital technologies that will help companies and business owners take advantage of opportunities and reduce potential risks. It also allows trainees to learn how to create a user personality that helps them. Online helps you identify customer demographics and their basic needs and apply new marketing skills that outperform competitors and increase expected profits.   To join the course, visit the following link:  

Finally remember!

Obtaining an accredited training certificate means that you have the experience and competence necessary to complete the work of companies and clients’ projects, which provides you with promising professional opportunities.

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