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facebook marketing ideas for small business and How to e-marketing via Facebook?

facebook marketing ideas for small business : Facebook is one of the most widely used e-marketing channels at the moment due to the presence of more than 3 billion active users around the world per month, making Facebook a key and important part of the marketing strategies pursued by companies and business owners to market their products and services through it due to a large number of users present on a daily basis, making it easier to access faster and achieve greater spread both for the brand and the services it provides.
What should be noted is that the use of Facebook at the beginning was to communicate and communicate and follow news and events at all levels, whether internationally or locally, it is not a new marketing channel, but it has changed a lot since entering the electronic market in light of the emergence of new marketing strategies Facebook has become the most famous platform and the strongest tool for marketing through it in many people, whether at the level of individuals or companies, but in case you do not have any tools or knowledge True to use it you waste your time, effort and money in vain.   What you need to do before you start the online marketing process on Facebook is to set your goals, look well for what your target customers are looking for, know when they are, and then develop an effective marketing strategy based on what has already been studied.   In total, there are several steps I will take for you that you can follow to get successful marketing on Facebook:

First: Create a business page on the Facebook platform:

I don’t mean the personal page here, but an official page where you present your business, which is an essential step that doesn’t happen without the marketing process, then fill it with full information that proves you own the business account and then pick the right name for the type of business you offer and then determine the type of service you provide.   You should not lose sight of adding key information on the page such as contact information, contact numbers, store or company location, opening hours, etc. to give your page confidence and credibility in front of potential customers, and then start distributing sections and arranging them in an orderly manner that facilitates customers to shop from services or products.  

Second: Follow a marketing strategy via Facebook:

Marketing work across any social networking platform, regardless of the quality of the services you want to market without a well-defined marketing plan, a marketing plan is a must, and in order to outline a successful marketing plan, you should follow the following:

1- Choosing goals:

These are the first steps you should take in your Facebook marketing plan, by which you will set your goals and choices, as well as the results you are looking to achieve from this process, and to help you clarify and define your goals more, we give you an example, for example, is your goal to publish the brand name or try to attract customers to your site or bring new customers or increase sales and other goals, and make sure that once you set your goals you can start building a marketing plan according to those goals.  

2. Identify the target group:

Knowing the target audience is an important step that you should focus on to get the desired results, just identify the audience whether they are older, athletes ،or fashion lovers ،and then direct the ad-funded to it directly, which ensures the success of the marketing process via Facebook.  

3. Budgeting:

Determining your financial potential helps you figure out how much you will spend during Facebook marketing if you want to earn you to spend but without overvaluing funded ads and marketing plans but within reasonable limits.  

4. Plan and schedule attractive content:

After you’ve finished setting your goals, identifying your target audience, calculating marketing costs, it’s time to create content for your Facebook posts and process the necessary designs for the products you want to market, but you should plan ahead for the content to be posted while keeping publications scheduled regularly and taking into account events, events or trips you want to spend.  

5. Planning to make funded advertisements:

You can follow the same procedures as previously followed in the strategy of planning attractive content, apply it to ads as well, attach high-quality design, or use a video of the products you offer.  

6. Monitoring and monitoring work daily:

Once you post on your page, the step of monitoring results, responses, comments and answering queries is very important to increase trust between you and customers that you should not ignore.   Here are the top tips and steps to follow when marketing a product or service on Facebook: – At first, you have to make the ad unique and different from the material similar to it in the market. – Consider the price if the product does not have a famous brand name. – Don’t overstate its product advantages, but focus on the most important aspect of it. – You have to set the right time to launch your ad. It is advisable to publish early in the morning or in water periods, but it is useless to publish when many are present in their work.  

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