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email marketing campaign calendar :

email marketing campaign calendar and how does an email marketing company work?
Today we live in the age of modern technology and continuous development, and the emergence of multiple marketing channels, which has made many projects currently being held online to name a few such as e-mail marketing, which has made many companies working in various fields as well as independents to use email marketing in the promotion of their services and products because of the multiple advantages it offers that outperform many marketing channels besides not needing a cost It is also large and easy to use and has proven effective in achieving the goals of many.  

So what is email marketing?

Email marketing is an electronic marketing carried out directly by sending a message carrying an advertisement or a newsletter from a company that provides services or products to a pre-prepared number of target audience emails, the aim of which is to increase the viewership of the company’s website and its services and thus get a number of potential customers and increase the percentage of sales, and email marketing is a very effective marketing method, but this does not depend on the increase in sending messages Marketing to your target audience is constantly enough once so you don’t end up with an email sent in the trash or spam folder.   E-mail marketing has recently been a method due to the emergence of a large number of companies specialized in email marketing in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic and the presence of the majority of the target audience on social media because it achieves a high investment return compared to the use of traditional marketing method, which motivated many companies and independents to use it as an effective and easy-to-use marketing method and does not require significant costs and thus achieves an increase in the percentage of sales as well as strong investment returns.  

The mechanism of business of email marketing companies:

E-mail marketing usually occurs when a company sends an e-mail a promotional or commercial ad for the services or products you want to market to a group of targeted people in order to increase the number of customers and visits to the site and also bring new customers, and e-mail allows the user to keep the list of addresses of important customers and provide them with matters that may interest them or provide them with details they have inquired about.   Email marketing companies do not stop there, but take many forms of marketing campaigns such as sending orders for certain sales, bulletins, donations or welcome messages to new subscribers, sending product ads, company news and other incentive programs and discounts, which increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns while increasing customer confidence and loyalty.    

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