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how does e marketing work :

how does e marketing work ? Before thinking about getting to work with e-marketing, we must first come up with a thorough and accurate definition that explains e-marketing in order to understand the nature of the business and its needs and requirements to succeed in it.   Simplified e-marketing is all kinds of promotions and advertising of consumer products, services, and goods and also includes ideas that are put to the marketing channels provided today by the digital world and primarily connected to the Internet. Examples of these marketing channels (various social media platforms) such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and other platforms, or (internet search engines) such as Google, Bing- Yahoo and other engines, various websites, mobile apps, or email.  

The importance of electronic marketing:

E-marketing has recently taken a big place in the world of advertising, especially after the increasing number of Internet users around the world and the high rate of daily browsing of social media platforms for long hours There is no doubt that it has succeeded in excelling in traditional marketing in promoting products, services, goods, and ideas due to its low cost compared to the cost of traditional marketing and also the extent of its great reach that has helped to achieve the widest spread of the profession.  

Types of electronic marketing:

By informing you of the most important types of e-marketing you can identify any of them that suit your capabilities and skills and then start learning it and it’s okay to learn more about the rest of the types:

Type 1: Search Engine Marketing (SEO-SEM):

SEM-SEO is one of the most effective forms of e-marketing, increasing sales of businesses and companies by relying on appearing in the first results of search engines, whether free or paid, the ultimate goal is to increase the number of clicks and traffic on the brand’s website, service page or product.  

Type 2: Marketing through various social media:

Marketing using social media (Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Snapchat) is one of the strongest means used in online marketing, due to the multiplicity of activities on it, including publications, photos, videos, advertisements, or any other content that attracts more customers, and the exploitation of such sites is a great opportunity to help companies, institutions and individuals also from displaying their services, products, ideas and nature of their activity to target customers, helping them to achieve real results in the level of increasing profits or increasing the number of customers, as well as creating the number of customers New sales opportunities.  

Type 3: Content Marketing:

This type of electronic marketing is generally one of the most powerful and important types of online marketing and is a key point of credit of all kinds of e-marketing, which is used by all companies, institutions, and brands in promoting their products or services and increasing traffic on their websites.   Content marketing is primarily based on generating ideas that consistently express good content so that it complies with search engine visibility rules, ensuring that the first search results appear.   The more you manage to produce search results, the more likely it is that traffic on your site or product page will increase within your online store.   Not only that but there are many people who have made huge profits from content marketing only by launching a blog or a specialized website and then writing good content in disciplines that are greatly increased by the public.  

Type 4: E-mail marketing:

Each type of electronic marketing is important depending on the nature of its work and its uses, but with regard to email marketing is also one of the most important types of marketing that have long proved effective in promoting different services and products and sending promotional messages and other purposes, and has proved successful in achieving the marketing objectives of all brands because the nature of its work depends mainly on mail address lists belonging to the target customers.    

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