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how to market an online store ?

how to market an online store ? Getting more visitors to your online store and then turning them into customers interested in what you’ve offered and then to permanent customers has always been a concern not only for you but also for many e-store owners, although there is a clear and ultimate goal for the owners of those stores to make continuous profits as a real and expected result when developing a professional and well-crafted marketing strategy.
However, achieving this goal is directly related to the marketing process, which needs some planning, where you have to do more than just publish a design, content, image، or email, but in fact, requires the adoption of an effective marketing strategy based on continuous and distinctive planning and the experience of new methods different from the traditional methods of electronic marketing.   But the real obstacle lies in the way you start appearing online, i.e. here of course the marketing task of an emerging online store, yes, is a rather daunting task and needs patience, especially if your budget doesn’t allow you to do a lot of marketing and advertising campaigns everywhere.   That’s why you can effectively market your online store with us in this article, using several methods and channels, which are suitable for e-stores of all kinds regardless of budget size, but you’ll first need to try these methods yourself to find out which ones are right for you and your store.  

Are you ready? Let’s get started…

1- Creating the SEO Online Store:

Developing a marketing plan for the online store based on creating search engines for the online store is a way to help your store appear on search pages constantly, bringing your store customers and visitors from Google constantly and free of charge.  

There are two ways to start improving search engines for your online store:

Internal configuration is a set of steps to be adhered to, whatever the domain of the online store: – Find the best keywords to use in setting up your store. – Add the keyword used in the URL. – Add the keyword in the title. – Add the keyword in the description. – Add the key word in the H1, 2,3 header. – The first paragraph of the description must contain features, and the second paragraph must contain characteristics. – Repeats the keyword in more than one position in the content. – Talk at length and in detail about the product or service and the privileges and benefits that will return to the buyer after purchasing the product, with attention to at least 300 words. – Connect with similar products in your store.  
External configuration associated with a large percentage of Google’s ongoing updates Which aims to improve the results of appearing in search engines and raise the quality of links between sites and exclude invalid links, these updates, may help your online store in:
1- Product review:
Your store’s products are reviewed through your blog book to say about your store’s products or through the most famous bloggers after trying to deal with your store.  
2. Technical and news magazines:
Connect with technical and news magazines that are interested in your store’s products and ask them to talk about your store.  
3- Competitions:
One of the most effective ways to help your store spread is to advertise a competition with real and valuable prizes, and let the audience complete the task of moving it itself.  
4- Social networks:
Social networks are one of the best marketing methods and talking about them does not need to be clarified as their impact is quite clear.  
5- Product videos:
It’s enough to talk about marketing the online store in the most proven way in this field, whether through a product-designed video of any kind of product or service posted on different social sites or on the YouTube channel.  

2- Paid advertising campaigns through which the marketing of the online store generally focuses on two elements:

– Bring sales. – Increase brand awareness.   In the end, I’d like to tell you that all these methods are appropriate and have effective results in the successful marketing of your online store.  

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