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learn android for beginners :

learn android for beginners : The programming market seems to be the most sought after at the moment due to the tremendous technological growth and development that dominates many different sectors, and despite the multiplicity of programming areas and languages, they all focus on one goal: rational thinking cannot learn everything at once, but need to be trained and understood the best ways available to reach, and so coding and programming you cannot reach the output of a process without specifying the source of this process, for example: If you want to access the login window view, you first have to connect to the database, but remember that knowing coding is one thing and organizing these codes to become a program that can be used is another, it’s not that difficult that most people who want to enter the programming world imagine but need to practice and learn comprehensively in programming languages and codes, and that’s precisely what made the demand for programming specialists so high.
In this article we will explain to beginners the concept of coding and then move them to the concept of translation and show the importance of learning the basics of programming Android applications and their different languages according to the field of language specialization and use according to hardware systems in different countries so that they are able to enter an open field of work in programming to qualify them for ideal jobs in this field.  

What is coding:

It is a simple software process through which the natural language of the computer is translated into commands to be executed, i.e. in short it is a means of newsing the computer by startup, but effective coding requires knowing the skills adopted by the chosen programming language, and although coding is part of software development, coding and programming for each of them is useful, but understanding coding is linked to understanding logic and algorithms, but in general coding is the starting point in the world of programming for beginners.  

What is programming:

As mentioned above in that coding is part of the development of programs, but it is not enough to do other steps that lead you to get something specific but there are a number of processes that you have to follow such as design, planning, maintenance, writing comments and publishing as well as orders that are implemented by the device, and all these processes are called programming, i.e. in short it is the means of communication between man and machine through which the language of programming is translated into the language understood by the machine in order to use the purpose of using This machine to do several tasks.  

What are the basics of Android application programming:

It is also known that the operating system of Android devices is considered open source created by Google, it is a certified system running Linux operating system and is available to all developers allowing them to develop applications and make modern applications whether on mobile devices or tablets are programmed according to Java language.    

What are the languages of Android APP programming:

If you want to learn coding and programming with Android, the first step you have to learn is to choose one of the different languages of Android API and know the associated tool, its characteristics and basic objectives, there are many languages that help you learn and develop Android applications, the most important of which are: ● Java language supported by Android Studio. ● Kotlin is like a Jaffa, but it’s easier than it is and a starting point for many beginners. ● C/C++ supports the use of coding applications and is more game-friendly. ● Corona is an Android application programming language that simplifies the process of creating applications.  

How to learn coding and programming with Android:

As a beginner, there are several ways to learn programming, but at first you have to expand your thinking and apply what you learn constantly to reach a level that qualifies you to fully understand the basics and languages of programming and how to apply them and thus get a suitable job.   As for the ways of learning, I do not think that it is difficult with the spread of modern technology and multiple means of communication and the presence of the Internet, they all allow you programs and courses audio and video and mostly free and explain in detail the basics of programming from a beginner level until you reach a professional level or you can search for a professional programming instructor and the choice is left to you in search of the most appropriate way.  

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