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avoid spam filters email marketing :

avoid spam filters email marketing : In the midst of the search for the most appropriate and effective marketing methods and as always with most of the efforts of corporate owners to adopt a successful marketing strategy, we are talking today about creating effective marketing campaigns through a medium that some may see as outdated but has proven effective online, namely, the process of e-mail marketing.   It is practical as other marketing processes require an excellent strategy, planning and analysis of data continuously to make improvements to marketing campaigns, but however, email marketing is the only way to teach and improve and one of the best marketing methods because it does not need a large budget.   What makes e-mail marketing different from other marketing methods is that it helps business owners reach the target group and stay in touch with the buyer base as well as the possibility of maintaining current customers while targeting new customers, and keeping a list of customer addresses.   It also allows business owners to determine the effectiveness of the marketing campaign they launched via e-mail not only this, but also provides many forms of marketing campaigns including welcome messages to new customers that include information about your business and enables you to request information about customers so that you can classify it in the appropriate category as well as you can send advertisements about the services and products you provide and the latest company news, giving customers a good opportunity to get to know your business and subscribe to your mailing list.   If you are an interested person in the field of email marketing, we will explain to you in this article the most important ways to successful email marketing:

1- Start with a successful marketing plan:

If you’re wondering what you’re following in your email marketing plan, it’s the formula that answers these questions: ● Why do I send emails, i.e. targeting formula. ● Who is the audience targeted by the mail, i.e. identifying the target group. ● What product can you offer customers, i.e. the value of the product. ● What is the purpose of email marketing, i.e. to set a clear goal.   Make sure that once you answer those questions, a new journey begins working with the buyer, so you should be fully aware of your customers’ first-minute journeys once they are visitors so that they are already new and permanent buyers.  

2- Divide the audience into categories\customize content:

When you’re considering setting up your email subscription form, you should first think about the information you might need in the long run, so the email address is also important and essential, but the most important thing is to gather information about potential customers and that’s what will help you divide the microscopes by category, gender, age, location, and so on.  

You might wonder how important that division is?

I’ll tell you, you can collect information and divide the audience by customizing the content to be sent to suit its specific nature and category, which ensures that you increase interaction and increase the opening rates of the messages you send via email.  

● All you need to customize the content of your emails is:

– Track and create records of online campaigns that attract customer interest. – Keep this data to understand customer purchases and needs. – Use this data and information you’ve retained to customize your emails based on it.  

3- E-mails are compatible with mobile:

Mobile devices are now accessible to everyone because of their easy carrying and providing all the software and applications that the user needs, so it is important when sending a marketing message via email to study their compatibility with mobile, which means that you have to improve the emails of mobile marketing in order to increase the number of permanent customers.  

4- Reactivating the subscription of inactive subscribers:

Although this is much more difficult than trying to bring permanent subscribers back to interact, it’s worth trying again with a few methods and tricks that turn them into active customers, thereby increasing sales and profits for the products or services they market.  

5- Use the improved induction phrase:

It means using one phrase that urges the future or customer to press the link or button you place in your email. That is, you should use a phrase urging potential customers to take CTAS action to purchase the services or products you want to market via email. * Here’s how to create an enhanced CTA procedure: – You should use a specific copy. – Focus on the basic and most effective features of the product or service provided. – Stay as far away from words that cause confusion and suspicion to the user. – Use the right size buttons and prominent on email. – Do not leave white spaces in email and should be utilized. – Choosing the right time to send an email is the key to lasting success. – Analyze editorials and clicks to arrive to see when to send an email.  

6- Free offers:

are one of the biggest attractions in email marketing, it is an effective way to increase the likelihood of opening e-mail.      

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