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the fundamentals of marketing google :

the fundamentals of marketing google : Whether you’re someone who wants to develop their profession or start a new career in digital marketing, or are already an employer and want to learn new ways to increase the success of your business or organization by learning marketing skills.   Looking for online training courses to help you develop your skills and learn new skills while there are plenty of options available in the digital world, which has puzzled you.   Today, however, you can improve your digital skills and learn about tools that help grow your business and allow you to prepare for the career path you want as well.   Start by achieving your ambition with the best free digital marketing training course ever offered by Google designed specifically to provide those who want to learn it with the necessary digital skills that help them develop their careers or business at the pace that suits them or start their careers.   Students are also geared towards digital marketing channels and tools, strategies, everything new in the world of digital marketing, and technologies that can help them guide and improve Google ad campaigns.  

* Features of Google’s Digital Marketing Basics Course:

• Free online course you don’t need to come anywhere with a certified certificate. • Very suitable for beginners, it introduces you to digital marketing from scratch and then starts explaining a lot of its sections. • The course consists of 26 mini-educational video modules, all created by Google trainers, full of practical exercises and realistic examples to help you turn information into a practical app and usually finishes within 40 hours. • When you successfully complete the 40-question test, you will be given a Google certified certificate and you will be able to share your new certificate in your workplace profile and also upload it and use it in your CV.  

* Summary of the most important of the digital marketing course provided by Google:

1- View your business online:

First, you need to set the goals of your business and what you want to reach when you start moving your business to the digital world.  

2- Enhance your digital presence online:

It lets you study how websites work where you can build your web activity.  

3- How to find you from search engines:

During the course you will study the principles of sio that will let you know how to plan for your site and choose keywords correctly.  

4- Using Google Ads:

You’ll learn how to use the ads you’ll see at the top of your search results. Understand the ad auction and how to choose the words you compete with correctly.  

5- Marketing your business:

The course will let you learn how to market your business to help local customers find your business easily.  

6- Show off your business on the websites and build a brand that increases customer attraction to your business.


7- You will be able to succeed by studying methods of analysis based on the statistical data you have collected from your site.


8- You will eventually be able to find out everything about e-commerce and how to create your own:

online store where you will showcase your services and products and make profits.   Don’t miss out and learn now with Google digital marketing skills and successfully boost your business.  
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