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top internet marketing firms and Explanation of e-marketing :
E-marketing is one of the most important means of marketing at the moment because it achieves the highest access rates on social media and channels.   In its general concept, it is an integrated marketing plan using modern electronic technologies and all means of communication available online to reach the target audience, across all online platforms and social media.   As time passes, the more reliance on the Internet in purchases and sales of all kinds, which is what the electronic marketer seeks through his integrated marketing process through all means available on the Internet to him by creating attractive content and presenting it in the best form within a pre-thought-out strategy, with the aim of increasing visits to his site and attracting attention to the brand or product he is selling, the service or the message he is trying to convey to the target audience.  

Features of e-marketing:

1- Uses the latest tools that help e-marketing professionals provide their services at a time commensurate with the activity of the target audience online.   E-marketing also allows content to be kept on display on different communication platforms, enhancing its reach and reach to the largest possible segment of visitors, thereby quickly reaching the service or product to be marketed to beneficiaries other than the traditional market associated with specific time, place and persons.   2. Apart from the limited space and targeting in the traditional market, e-marketing expands the geographical targeting of customers and introduces products, thus allowing access to as many customers interested in products as possible.   3- If any company or person wants to market the products or services it traditionally offers, it needs a lot of time, effort and money, while e-marketing provides a brand advertising service.   For the services and products they provide and consumer communications at lower costs, effort and time than traditional, it uses the latest available tools.   4- Employers can communicate well with the public and find out what they prefer, which will lead them to modify the company’s marketing plans and products at the will of customers; this will bring them further acquisition of the electronic market.   – The marketing process is primarily interactive and is based in itself between the owner of the product and consumers directly without any intermediary, and this motivates the seller to provide the best services in order to increase the chances of consumers returning to buy them and thus gain the satisfaction of his followers and friends, and reach as many of them as possible.   6- Through e-marketing, your employer or company can measure the results it gets very accurately, allowing it to quickly modify marketing plans to meet your audience’s requirements.   Despite the novelty of the electronic field, it is now the most important area in marketing operations and even depends on the major companies to promote their services and products due to its many advantages.  

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