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what is digital marketing in simple words :

what is digital marketing in simple words : Recently, the term digital marketing and electronic marketing is often heard and we believe that it is one concept, but in fact each of them has its own system, although the differences between them are not significant, but it is clear, which makes many people confused in knowing the difference between them, both need internet communication, but digital marketing is a more general and broader process than electronic marketing. This is what we will explain in this article so that most of us do not get confused and then go into detail about information that each of us should know about digital marketing. E-marketing: Is a marketing strategy specialized in employing modern technology methods and communication channels and transforming them from a virtual market via the Internet to a reality that allows the electronic marketer to identify its functions and identify the target customers who want to deliver the product or service to them by using many different marketing channels and tools such as social media pages, Google search engines, email marketing and other methods used marketing, and compared to digital marketing is less Cost also enables advertisers to track customer reactions and respond to their queries and comments other than digital marketing and at the last point where electronic marketing outperforms digital marketing it allows advertising to reach too many people and may reach all over the world while the other does not allow this feature and allows access only to a particular category. Now we come to define digital marketing in detail and the most important information about it: The world is witnessing a tremendous and remarkable development in modern technology technologies and e-commerce, which has brought about a qualitative shift in all areas of life, which has undoubtedly prolonged the field of digital marketing that we live in today, given the nature of life we live in today, we see that the Internet has become an essential part and pillar on which we depend in our daily lives, but it is expected to see at every moment the spread and growth of rapid and very widespread digital marketing, especially after the spread of great growth. in e-commerce operations. What is digital marketing and why it deserves all this attention from people and business owners in particular, I think it’s the theme of the era that deserves to be known more: Digital Marketing: Is a type of marketing in which digital platforms are used online with the aim of marketing various services, goods and products to companies and independent individuals, and is one of the most widespread types of marketing around the world because it has a great ability to blend creativity and innovation with modern technology and the aim of this process is to reach effective marketing strategies through which people can use digital marketing methods in order to reach their profitability goals, increase sales or enhance the spread of the brand Commercial. In addition to enjoying the many advantages offered by digital marketing to independents or companies to display their services or carry out their advertising campaigns through websites, emails and instant messaging, it also gives them the ability to communicate directly with customers and consumers and get the latest offers and services and the latest developments and facilitates them to pay cash online, which effectively contributes to the marketing and development of the Internet in all economic areas. Digital marketing has many features and features that we summarize as follows: 1. Customer-consumer interaction directly Digital marketing allows customers to express their opinions about goods and products directly by writing special responses on one of the company’s or organization’s social media platforms, which helps them understand consumers more clearly and meet their wishes faster. 2. Correct targeting Digital marketing has the ability to accurately target many criteria such as target group, age, type, keywords, location, and other information and data about target customers, enabling them to achieve high sales through it. 3. Relatively low cost Compared to modern electronic marketing methods or traditional marketing methods, digital marketing costs come with a fair result, especially since it allows for budgetary control and better profitability as well. 4. The ability to measure performance accurately This feature is one of the most important features of digital marketing through which you can analyze the results of marketing campaigns and measure them accurately and compare them with your marketing goals to reach an appropriate decision that helps business owners improve and continuously develop to reach better results. 5. Get better results With its high spread capability, faster access to target customers and fewer barriers than traditional marketing methods, getting marketing results is better and earning more.  

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